Services DIY Essentials PRO PRO
Pricing $50 per door $75 $100 10%
Must have 3+ units to qualify
Zero up front cost & No hidden fees
Collect rent & pass through TPT (rental sales tax)
Professional Accounting & reporting
Receive maintenance request & pass through to owner
*Leasing Commission 6% 6% 6% 6%
Extensive Marketing! Over 100 websites
Thorough Tenant Screening
Annual Property Inspections
24/7 Emergency Service
**Renew Lease $100/$250 $100/$250 $100/$250 $100/$250
Pay TPT (rental sales tax)
Set up & pay all Utilities
Turn on utilities during vacancies
Order & pay landscape
Monthly Exterior Inspections
Order & pay quarterly exterior Pest Control
Order/Schedule Maintenance
Pay all approved invoices
Schedule annual A/C service
Pay HOA dues
Get bids and make unit ready for rent
***Repositioning 10% 10% 10% 10%

*Leasing Commission: 6% of the gross lease amount, capped at 12 months. Example: $1,000/mo. x 12 = $12,000 x 6% = $720 commission.
**Renew lease: $100/$250 for tenant holdovers; $100 for an addendum extending current lease, $250 for a new lease.
***Repositioning: 10% project management fee on completed projects.

DIY Services: These services are for the owner who wants to be involved in every aspect of the property except: collecting rent, write leases or renegotiate leases.

Essential Services: These services are for the owner who wants everything handled except maintenance.

Pro Services: These services are for the owner who is looking for a no hassle experience. We use our trusted vendors to solve maintenance issues as they occur.